Individual Feldenkrais® lessons

I offer individual sessions and tailored rehabilitation programmes. I see a range of people wanting to improve their functional ability and quality of life. Clients include: infants and children with developmental issues – including dyspraxia and autism, people recovering from stroke and living with other neurological impairments (Parkinsons and MS), and people with a range of issues including chronic pain, muscular skeletal problems, anxiety and sleep disorders.

These one on one lessons are called FI  (Functional Integration lessons) and are tailored to each individual client and what function they want to improve. The practitioner uses her hands to gently focus the attention of the student and guide their  movements. The   student may be sitting, lying or standing and stays fully dressed.  Through the skill of the FK practitioners  precise touch,  present habits can be brought into focus and  new more useful possibilities for moving can be explored. The students learning can then be integrated into his or her everyday activities such as reaching, sitting, standing and walking.


Individual lessons allow present habits can be brought into focus and new more useful possibilities for moving to be explored.

There is growing evidence for the usefulness of the FKML in improving outcomes for children with limitations, with the elderly with neurological deficits, and for those with processing or  co-ordination difficulties. It can also help other people in a wide range of areas … through to musicians and athletes looking to refine and hone their performance.

The sort of benefits you could expect include:

  • Improved balance
  • Improved Posture
  • Improved ability to turn and bend
  • Enhanced self image and awareness
  • Builds self confidence and resourcefulness
  • More easeful movement
  • Reduction in discomfort /pain
  • Reduction in anxiety and fear